About Jo Downs

Jo Downs is one of the world’s most prominent fused glass designers.  Her advanced fusion techniques allow for the creation of abstract designs of great individuality and depth.  Based in Cornwall, Jo Downs’ art draws inspiration from the natural world around her.

Along with a popular range of handmade giftware, Jo has developed her studio to undertake large architectural and interior projects.  This unique facility and her innovative designs have earned her commissions for cruise liners, churches, hotels and corporate headquarters.

She has also enjoyed hundreds of private commissions, producing windows, mirrors, panels and other artworks for a variety of homes.

Case Study: P&O Ventura

Everyone at Jo Downs loves a challenge.  The ceiling for the P&O Ventura  spans eleven meters and had to meet the most rigorous health and safety standards.  So let us know about your projects, no matter how difficult you think they might be and we’ll see what we can do